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Monday, October 08, 2007

The Rollercoaster of Love and Anger

Today I went through what is an actor's delight, or should be anyway - a range of emotions...well it was actually just two, but they were way off one another. So, I fell in love again today after lunch while watching Sharmila toying with Rajesh Khanna's (and indirectly my) heart in AmarPrem. More notes on this very very forward for its times (IMO) movie to follow. And I say that, not because they show prostitutes to be beautiful inside too. There are more subtle things I discovered that would prompt Spike TV to make Rajesh Khanna their brand ambassador in a heartbeat. I am not promising any boring reviews, but I'll write about Khanna - the Alpha Male angle. This of course is news to me since I used to consider him the predesissy of Gayrukh Khan, following in the footsteps of Gaylip Kumar.

Call me Shallowness Personified but Sharmila was so stunning that I was able to completely ignore her annoyingly naka dialogue delivery. Incidentally, the nakamo is the only reason she is number three on my all-time list. After the W pointed it out, I realized he was right, at least with respect to her at that time of her life. So he feels that if you disregard her Bong eyes, she looks decidedly Mediterranean. She had a very sexy tan in the film, probably thanks to a sunny honeymoon with the Nawab. I also noticed remains of the tan in Chupke Chupke, even though the movie was released three years after Amar Prem.

And then, just now, Endulkar has caused a lot of anger to well up inside me, and those who know me well, will agree that is a Goliathan task given my stoical tendencies. When I heard the team for the game, I was irked with the BCCI for selecting the three old men. However, I must say I was appreciative of Dada and Dravid for even attempting to up the rate. Endulkar, though, just amazes me with every passing game. I am sorry if this sounds harsh but it looks like the man is just playing for records now and doesn't really care if Team India wins or looses. What was even more frustrating was Uthappa's late blitz, just proving the BCCI's madness in choosing age over youth. I think one of the fans summed it up pretty nicely when he held up a poster that said "Sachin, this is not a test match".


Anonymous said...

wow apps! another update! Endulkar was out 3 times when he was on 1.....

ArSENik said...

Yeah, actually I have this theory that the Aussies bribed the umpires to not give Endulkar out as it would have been, and indeed turned out to be, helpful for their team. Michael Clarke even reacted slowly to 'attempt' a semi-skyer from Endie.

Salil said...

"So, I fell in love again today " when were you in love before? am i missing something?

ArSENik said...

Salil, when did you land the lead role in "It's the age of innocence"?