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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dhamaal Batura!

Broke the world record for the fastest eaten piping hot Chana Baturas (two) today evening and in the process destroyed the roof of my mouth (once again). It wasn't hunger or the taste of either the Chana or the Baturas, but I had a ticket for Dhamaal at 8 and the waiter brought out the food at 7:51 with a smile that seemed to say "Good luck mate. On your marks, set, GO!". For the next eight minutes, the other "patrons" at the restaurants let their food cool down as they simply watched me go. Damn! Should have laid out my handkerchief (yes, I still carry one of those at all times in this country!) next to me and collected the finances for the entire evening.

Dhamaal's second half was too funny for words. Sure, the movie had its incredulous moments and some borrowed ones from Bean and Road Trip, but the camaraderie of the central cast showed in their fantastic comic timing. Hilarious cameos by Vijay Raaz and his fellow actor (from the Krack Jack commercials) had me laughing continuously for almost a minute and a half. The movie ended with a great message and a few seconds of fantastic varied acting by Javed Jaffery and Arshad Warsi.

PS: Saw trailers of Saawariya. I think Bhansali is going for the whole musical feel from the looks of it. He has a greater probability of scoring with the Indian audience than Coppola did with an American one with his One from the Heart.

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