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Monday, October 29, 2007


With each passing day, I find myself wishing more and more that I had been born thirty years earlier. Look at me! I hate clubbing and my definition of entertainment is watching movies in a theater, so much so that, my single ambition in life is to wait for every Friday to see which movies the critics have ripped apart with their sharp as bed-edge comments. In the India of the late 60's and 70's, these were the only forms of entertainment. Would have loved to don those bell-bottoms and watched Sholay in the theater.

Now, I will never perform a sit in in a college campus with fellow students, or attend Woodstock. Never pen any political poetry with any meaningful significance. Also, it would have been fun to be a college buddy of my father. From the stories I hear, I think we would have hit it off quite well and terrorized a lot of lesser suspecting individuals. Will never be able to watch all the Beatles live in concert, or imitate the Angry Young Smuggler Bachchan walk without being ridiculed.

Classic rock is pretty much the only music I listen to, which of course has been stopped producing, replaced by its stuttering cousin - Hip Hop. No one writes lyrics like Dylan and Lennon anymore with today's "poets" just advising you to drop it like it's hot and calling out to promiscuous girls. I would have missed the Internet though, and definitely blogging! But then, how can you miss something that you haven't experienced, or anyone for that matter? I rest my case, dear readers, Time handed us a ticket into this theme park called Life a little too late.


Megha said...

The past is always better to reminisce about than to experience first-hand, I think :)

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog and glad you like the nonsense I write, PJs included. Hope to see you around :)

Mala said...

I agree with Megha on this one. I thinks that's what makes the past glorious.
Btw, I finally made it to the pujo this weekend..hee..hee.. While I was there I actually thought to myself that I should have invited you over to our Sacramento Pujo. Maybe next year. :)

ArSENik said...

Lol...probably so, but then no one will ever know for sure coz experiencing both is impossible. Like Chandler wonders in Friends - Does being kicked in the nuts hurts more than labor? It's a pity no one will ever know.

Thanks for stopping by here and returning the favor.

ArSENik said...

@Mala: Whoa...too much activity for my infant blog to handle at the same time! While I was writing the previous comment, you were writing one here. Very kind of you to think of the invitation. Yeah, next year definitely. Will read about your experiences this year if you have blogged about it.

Anonymous said...

lol apps.......this is good stuff.....i didnt see any puns tho

kip eet op

ArSENik said...

Well, glad you liked it "Anon". I guess the randomness appealed to you, but literarily speaking, I think this is worse than my other stuff!

AM said...

Hmmm...interesting. Yea belonging to the past would have been kinda kool for you.
This type-what-you-see thing on blogger.com is very reatrded! I think you should protest. I can't keep commenting cos of this strenuous exercise.

ArSENik said...

Well, the "type-what-you-see thing" is a result of my phobia for spam. It is optional, so not really a fault of blogger.com. I am sorry that it poses such a challenge to your commenting abilities, your majesty :)