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Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't Waste Your Time Reveling in this Self Indulgent Post

There seems to be some kind of contagious tag epidemic going on in the blogs I visit and mathematical probability has caught up with me after all. Dreamy has sneezed this tag into my lungs and the only path to recuperation is to pass it onto lesser suspecting bloggers. More on that later.

Life Ten years ago

The world had still not started preparing itself for the terror of Y2K and I was steaming in to terrorize batsmen, who weren't allowed to hit too hard so as not to hurt the fielders awaiting their turn to bat, right before class. The carefree air of not bothering about sweat before the first period even as classmates had started dating (this used to mean something else when you were in class 8 in the last century by the way) one another is what I look back most fondly at. Oh, and I remember feeling this novel emptiness as I heard about that nice Lady's car crashing in a Parisian tunnel and her subsequent death. C'est la mort, I guess.

Life Five years ago

Running through the deserted wet streets of the campus and attracting weird looks from the few chapta PhD students on a cold Saturday morning amongst delirious cries from fellow demented souls, waving the tricolor, after Sehwag and Tendlya had uppercut Akhtar and co. out of the World Cup. And then a week later, depression and the morning after nap in the underground gymnasium cum lounge of a friend's dorm after Dada's minions had let the butterflies win.

Life tomorrow

As Morgan Freeman said in The Shawshank Redemption, same shit different day, but it is Friday. So, SSDD with a movie thrown in.

Five locations I would love to run away to

Words like 'run' are blasphemous to me and the laziness in me revolts with alarming activity, but if I could be airlifted from my Lazyboy, I would want to end up in
  1. Kashmir
  2. Amsterdam (not for the tulips or windmills)
  3. Those lost mountains Che goes to in The Motorcycle Diaries
  4. That place in Africa where Nick Cage breaks down all his guns in The Lord of War
  5. NYC

Five bad habits I have

It's going to be hard to choose just five. The others might feel bad, but ...
  1. Very rigid in my likes and dislikes when it comes to people. If I don't like you, it's gonna stay that way even if you save the world and if I like you, it'll be that way even if you rape and pilferage the whole of El Dorado.
  2. Too transparent.
  3. I like challenges when I am taking someone's case. If they don't like it, I find myself getting villainy and stepping it up a notch.
  4. Too laid back.
  5. Wisecracks in movie theaters, especially during sessions of extreme hamming.

Five things I will never wear
  1. VIP Frenchies
  2. Suspenders
  3. Kolapuri chappals (they look swell, but hurt the soles of my feet since childhood)
  4. Collarless shirts
  5. Shoes with strings

Five biggest joys at this moment
  1. Dhoni and Ishant
  2. My cousin who is fat and is called Joy by his Dad
  3. Obama
  4. Macbook Pro (just ordered one!)
  5. Sunshine and the impending advent of summer

Something to achieve by next year

To break out of this cocoon - comforting, yet so stifling.

Something that impacted me last year

The weaning off her and the advent of regular blogging.

What will I miss about 2007

Tina and the original members of the Boise Wela Group.

Five things I want to do before I die
  1. Give an Oscar acceptance speech for Best Foreign Film where I end up thanking no one.
  2. Spend a week in bed like John and Yoko.
  3. Teach myself to play my acoustic guitar.
  4. Smoke a joint with Papa.
  5. Hire someone to shave me regularly and drive me around.
Now to pass on the virus. Unfortunately, among the few bloggers who read this blog, two have already been tagged, one is on vacation and something tells me the others write about topics that are too serious to write a post like this. So, Puranjoy, not forcing you, but you are most welcome to jump in. Rohmen, please save my nose and accept this tag. SS, you bloomed into the blogosphere just the other day and so HAVE to comply to my bullying tag slapping.


Tanya Bahuguna said...

umm... just curious. are you studying at berkeley/ stanford/ any other place in ca, or do you work there?

puranjoy said...

bwahahahahahhahaa. mogambo khush hua.

MY FIRST TAG. huahhaaaaaahahahahhaa

dreamy said...

Ok..so now the tag looks like an epidemic..

I feel so happy because I happened to have tagged SO many people.

I am making things happen

copy pasting from the above comment,
bwahahahahahhahaa huahhaaaaaahahahahhaa.

I suddenly feel like Saleem Sinai.

and apart from the laziness, the one thing common between us is NYC :)

Peaches said...

appy, you should stop smoking..bad for your lungs..

acutally this was an enjoyable post.

Peaches Kudi

ArSENik said...

@Tanya: I work in the Valley.

@Dreamy: Heh. Sinai?? C'mon you are bigger than that. You are Tyler Durden!

@Peaches: Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you don't wear VIP frenchie, does that mean you don't underbear?

Goal Ob

ArSENik said...


Anonymous said...

i think underbear dominates the market tho

Anonymous said...

"Give an Oscar acceptance speech for Best Foreign Film where I end up thanking no one."

This is sooooooo not you tho.

I bet you would never do that.

Strip Club Al

rohmen said...

You tagged me, and i will write something soon. I need to complete that story first though. Njoied reading this post.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

Dada, I am the biggest 'wisecrack' of our 'clan' when we go to watch films. I end up making two rows in the front and two at the back reel with laughter with my comments. That way, you won't be liking me a bit. :( sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............

ArSENik said...

@SCA: Dude, when was the last time we met? Wasn't it roughly a year back in Florida? The new me wouldn't thank a soul, trust me.

@Rohmen: Thanks.

@WIAN: Why won't I be liking you? I do the same thing, well, not reel with laughter, but at least I extract piercing glowering looks from middle-aged aunties with no sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

just ektuku bolbo.. bideshe thaka bangalider tumi bachiye diyecho.. god bless you

- debu

ad libber said...

your first bad habit is admirable. I could kill to have that. I am so unrigid, I end up falling in love with the very person I hate the most.

ArSENik said...

@Debu: First of all, probashi Bangalira abar ki bipode porlo? And secondly, ami abar ki kore thader bachalam?

@Ad Libber: The class hottie?

ad libber said...

all class hotties since puberty

ArSENik said...


Puranjoy said...


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