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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An Unforgettable Date

The Blue Lady turned all of two today. Incidentally, it is also the W's birthday, but he is in a cold place on the other coast, so we will celebrate another reminder of his existence next weekend. Last evening warranted something special. So, I took her out for an expensive 91 octane Chevron meal. I had candles too, but for some strange reason the employees at the place wouldn't allow me to wander within 20 feet near the meal with those. This was preceded by a lot of lathering and rinsing by women in skimpy bikinis. Since the Lady doesn't expect her sexual preference, I was forced to make the assumption.

Then we did what I hadn't done with her in this land yet, but used to do quite a bit in the previously inhabited desert along with someone who made excellent shrimp - go for an aimless drive with my hand on her gear box. Not too many people look forward to getting lost like that and I miss the shrimp Chef for this reason, not to mention for the shrimps. The weather was playing Cupid if strategically placed clouds in the background with frilly twigs in the foreground were to believed, and alternated the intensity of the lighting like a gag with a naughty creative mind of his own, causing the Lady to blush to varying degrees of blue.

The road decided to rise at some point at a great acute degree, taking us closer to the intermittent clouds and rarefied air. The ears were popping. The stereo was belting out sweet musical things with lyrics that can give non-Bengalis diabetes, that I don't remember anymore. We were moving slow so as not to hit oncoming traffic on the narrow, hardly bidirectional road. At some point, jealousy set in momentarily as a white horse was attracted to the Lady and decided to follow us before I forced her to run harder with me, away from the corrupting glance of the equine creature. Yes, I am sure it wasn't Kareena Kapoor.

Once we reached what we thought was the apex of the pseudo-mountain, we stopped to take in the sight of the urbania we inhabited in the fading light. It was the end of a fairly relaxing day in the office for the CEO of our solar system. There was no silhouetted photography involved, as these were private moments that we didn't want to share with anyone else, thus protecting the sanctity of the drive. With reluctance we made our way back to the hustle-bustle of the city, that only glistened from this distance. She was a little scared on the way down with the lack of natural light, but I guided her firmly enough to be able to make it through safely. You see she has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to bumpy roads because of her rear wheel disability, but please don't mention that even in passing, since it upsets her and then it is endless trips to the shrink for us.

We performed some moonlight sonata, zigzagging across lanes on a fairly smooth interstate our tax money was being used to maintain on our way to a drive-in showing of 'A Streetcar named Desire' to cozy up against the chill that is introduced in the air with the onset of dusk these days. Our bouts of comfortable silence with each other was punctuated by only her sudden exaggerated purring as she tried to throw me off with her pace as a result of the mischief in her headlights. As I lay in her at the drive-in, a sense of protectiveness generated out of nowhere, so much so that, I realized that I have begun to feel more paternal towards her off late, than romantic inclination. Maybe, that is what happens in the life of a couple that has reached that comfort zone with each other, or maybe I just have an incestuous twisted mind that tries to differentiate between love and materialism on a subconscious level.


Mala said...

Congratulations on your Blue Lady turning two! Whats it with you guys and your ladies anyways????

ArSENik said...

I will convey the wishes. It's the same with you girls and say shopping, or specifically $400 handbags, OK maybe that was too specific, but you get the drift. Of course, I am going off on a generalized tangent here. Don't even know if you like shopping or not.

Kire Tsei-Irev said...

Dear Kinesra,
Did you read 'A Streetcar Named Desire' in high school?????
btw, Tech's bowl game is in your ole hometown.....

ArSENik said...

Dear Sav,
No, I didn't, but it's one of Brando's finest movies. Not much into football, as always. I get my usual minimal dose only when I am running and am too lazy to change the TV channels. I won't be surprised in BSU spill some Buzz blood on the blue turf.

Sav ul-Deferens said...

Dear Kinesra,
Your blog is losing its inno cents. Pun unintended. The matter on here is not suitable for mammals under the age of 5.

Mr. Sav ul-Deferens

Mala said...

Good you admitted that you generalized and yes, that amount for a handbag was definitely very specific (raising one eyebrow...). I'd like to admit I'm a very sensible shopper (that is probably one thing Shomeek likes about me ;) and would rather buy a plane ticket for $400 and go somewhere nice than throw it on a handbag, which btw, I have major issues with. I am yet to find a handbag that suits all my weird needs.