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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Musical Salvation

OK...don't blame me for the horrible camera work. In my defense, my hands were too excited and I don't have access to expensive camera equipment. As you would have guessed by the title, you need to have your speakers on, and be ready to squint into the screen.

PS: This is a first


LPS said...

Did you compose and sing this song?

Dr. Senthilaxman Pallaniswami Sivaramakrishnan

Mala said...

Aaaahhh...one of my favorite songs 'Sounds of Silence'. Okay - even squinting didn't help - were those the lyrics of the song or something you wrote? It was good to see hi-tech guy being creative. :)

ArSENik said...

@LPS: Which song? There are two different things here. The one you hear is not mine, but if you were able to read anything, yes those were my words.

@Mala: I hope you were able to make out at least parts of the poetry. The whole point was that the amateurish poetry was inconsequential just by itself and needed the music to make the whole experience worthwhile (or rather tolerable in this case hehe), thus pitching a cause for togetherness and looking down upon solitude.

Mala said...

I'd really like to read the poetry (the whole of it). Why don't you post it?

ArSENik said...

The sun soaks into my bones
As I lie outstretched between two chairs
Padded, yet wiry - stories of contrasts in themselves
Like oases in the barren desert that is my balcony
As if in a hushed conspiracy, Simon and Garfunkel
Sing of the Sounds of Silence with guitaristic undertones.

A woman walks a dog in the vicinity
Or is it the other way round?
Do the spots on its body really mean nothing
Or are they signs of more walks in other sunny lands?
But the black spots are consistently dark
In bone de-numbing sunlight or in the darkness of depression
Unlike the chameleonic leaves - the remaining ones that is
Green, and yellow, and red, and green again.

Travelers return in anonymous cabs
From cold lands far far away
To the apparent heavenliness of home
On the benevolence of a winter Sun
Moody like the hand of this amateur poet
Desperately in need of some soulful music
To salvage what remains of his poetry.

AM said...

Hehe...nice one! You got a hell of a LOT of time! But good stuff man...good prep for the course i presume? :p

ArSENik said...

Na, it was more an impulsive thing. I was actually writing some random poetry sitting in my balcony under the Winter Sun, and then the idea struck me. It just took up 2-3 hours of my Saturday, that's all.

Mala said...

That's awesome! Just curious - is that your guitar? If yes, I'm assuming you play?

Btw, I will be preparing for my dance company's annual fund raising show end of next year. Would you be interested in writing script?

ArSENik said...

Yeah, that's my guitar, but no, I don't play it in the true sense of the word. It gently weeps as I write more blog entries. Had bought it about a year back to teach myself and had made just enough progress to play the first verse of 'Papa Kehte Hain' from QSQT.

Wow I am flattered. By when do you think you want a committment for that? Please reply to my email: arani[dot]sen@gmail.com

Aroon said...

It was a great idea using one of the best songs I have ever heard (we were in college when Graduate was released and it was such a hit). Bacchu wanted to sing this song all the time but he was handicapped as we were not able to understand the words and also the meaning of some of the words like cobblestones etc. So we asked Jayanti to write it for us and she effortlessly wrote for us. We remember seeing the movie - three of us, maybe five times only for the songs and in that time of our youth it was something.

I also noticed that you have deliberately made your poetry out of focus. I thought that it should be the other way around. The poem should be in clear focus with the song in the background, but that is very common.

It was a very good attempt on the movie camera and the guitar picture came off nicely, slowly moving towards the poem. It was very short and i was wondering why. Is it because you wanted to see the final outcome? I think you are moving towards the right direction and 1 min 50 secs will slowly be converted into 1 hr 50 mins. I liked the last part - written, produced, directed by ARANI SEN.

ArSENik said...

Thanks. I am glad you saw through some of the finer things in the film. I made the poetry out of focus because if you were able to read any of it, it is really some nonsensical, incoherent stuff that I had deliberately written, so as to provide an advocacy for the strong music that was needed to salvage the poetry, which of course, is a metaphor for togetherness among people and is anti-solitude.

I made it short because I feel it is harder to make a short film than a feature film, especially if you want to get the same concept across.

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