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Monday, January 07, 2008

Dear Waheedaji

They say happiness is nothing but the lack of sorrow. This definition does not apply to me because happiness to me is just watching you without mattering whether you are happy, sad, naughty or angry on screen. Recently, a friend of mine said he could watch a movie with just Katrina dancing around. At the time, I had thought him to be crazy. However, while watching you overshadow Dev Anand in Guide yesterday simply with your ebullience, I realized what my friend was feeling. I did not fast forward over the songs that featured you, and given the fact that I know very little about dance, it is nothing but evidence that I am hooked.

I used to tell people who would listen that you are my all time primero uno beauty, followed by Parveen Babi and Sharmila Tagore, in that order. After yesterday, I have realized that Ms. Babi and Shamilaji are much lower on the list since with you occupying the first position, the next few positions are forced to be unoccupied - a testimony to not only your sheer beauty, but also your poise, elegance and optical intelligence.

When you put on that nose ring and danced to Piya Tose Naina Lagey Re or performed that classical yet sultry Nagin dance, I must shamelessly admit that I went a little weak in the legs. You may well have been referring to a red sweatered Dev Anand as your fellow traveler and asking him to accompany you and to never change with the world, but in the vast strawberry fields in my head, it was I, who was running with you holding your hand, stopping at times not to catch my breath, but just to stare at your mind numbing face and expressive eyes.

If the Genetic Theory is to be believed, there should be more classical beauties like you, Ms. Babi and Sharmilaji walking around on the sets of Indian cinema, but all I see in Soha on the horizon. If you have any granddaughters or even grandnieces, please let this muse-seeking starving poet know. It might solve the problem of the alarmingly low number of strawberries in his basket.

Warmest Regards,
An understated admirer

Image Credit: moviewalah.com


Mala said...


WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

Waheedaji is one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced the silver screen. Along with Sharmila ( dunno about Babi. Don't rate her too highly ) I would have Sadhana, Tanuja and Madhubala on that list.

and about the 'muse-seeking starving poet'in you....I don't see much of that.

ArSENik said...

@WIAN: Yes, Madhubala is my number 4. I like Babi for her intelligence and worldliness and the only reason she is above Sharmila is because Sharmila can come off a little too naka at times.

You don't see much of that poet in me because I am muse starved my friend :) Also, certain poems are written only for the eyes of the muses. Here is some other poetry in case you are interested, not love poems though.

Puranjoy said...

that's understated. right. :)

btw, what exactly is optical intelligence?

ArSENik said...

Optical intelligence is defined as that quality which enables one to convey feelings to others by exclusively employing their visual sensory organs.

AM said...

You know that's one of the nicest snaps of Waheeda Rehman I have ever come across.

You'd be crushing the damn strawberries running through the bushes...please spare them!

And look at your definition of optical intelligence..I think NCERT will employ you promptly.

ArSENik said...

Yeah, I think it's from Gurudutt's Pyasa. I could be wrong.

You haven't learned a single thing from all those Yash Chopra films, have you? They have pathways for lovers to run on harmlessly passing the strawberries.

Yes, of course. It has been my lifelong drone, I mean dream, to pursue a lifelong career in NCERT.