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Monday, August 10, 2009

In Transit - DXB

"The soda is included with the fries, sir", said the McDonald's employee. As I narrowed my eyes and tried to smell the conspiracy behind this forced soda binge, I smelt only the grease patented by McDonald's fries. I also realized the guy was as innocent as a young actress from a small town trying to make it big in tinsel town (the metaphor is a hangover from watching "Luck By Chance" on the plane), probably himself from the inner burrows of Bihar or UP. Like a good consumer, I accepted it of course, and having a no-waste policy, was forced to gulp it down, and am now sitting X calories stronger, X being a very large number, (ab)using Dubai airport's free wireless.

The airport is like a city itself. And I have no desire to walk about with the weight of my book bag, exploring it like Alice. It's very shiny. Vegas would be jealous of an airport like this. The only thing missing are the slot machines - those personifications of sin. I was surprised to find liquor being sold very grandiosely, looked on benignly by enlarged visages of fully clothed beautiful women selling different products from the advertising hoarding on the side of the walkways. And amidst all this sheen, you find the inevitable burkha clad woman, peering through that slit that allows her to take in all this. You also see the teen/early twenties woman clad in a shirt and not too loose jeans strolling about with her headscarved Mum. Then there is namaaz read over the loudspeaker, as if to keep the avarice of the people within check from the enticing clutches of all the duty free shops.

I feel like that little baby next to me in the flight - in a new arena, and tightly closing my fists, as if that will protect me from all the foreign matter in my new environment. I wonder if babies dream. I wonder because I noticed the baby smiling from time to time in its post-meal nap. I couldn't tell if the smiles coincided with slight turbulence. Maybe it dreamed that it was being catapulted into the air by strong arms. I have noticed babies usually like that kind of excitement, which isn't really strange, considering they spend most of their time on laps or prams. I would like to conduct an experiment. I want to get a special seat made in a rollercoaster for the baby. See how it squals with joy next to its parents, who would of course be screaming - terrified by the cathartic ride.


Anonymous said...

I haven't visited your blog in some time, but i've gotta say your writing is stunning now. Not just this post - quite a few of the others are excellently thought out - of course i loved the bombay one, but i might be a bit biased on that one.

ArSENik said...

Thank you, but I can assure you there isn't much thinking involved. It's mostly just unregulated crap that formulates in my head in real time as I write.