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Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am here and LA reminds me a lot of Bombay - the evil skyscrapers still leaving a piece of the sky to reach out to, the horrendous traffic, the proximity to the ocean and yet miles away from it, hell even the weather and of course the film industry with its beautiful people, and not that beautiful on the inside crap that beauty contest winners subscribe to, but pure physical charm that you can get a front seat view of at any Starbucks or participating locations: "Hello. Give me all your money for a 'tall' analgesic (no pun intended) and a chocolate dipped atom and feast your eyes on your beautiful fellow suckers."

Almost all Indian restaurants in the area are owned by Bangladeshis. They lure you in with names like Madhuban Tandav or something very creative like Bollywood Cafe 1 and Bollywood Cafe 2. You go in expecting some obscene non-eastern Indian accent and then they buflax you with their eastern charm. The food's a wee bit pricey, but simple, non-rich and yet tasty. The W would have freaked out here, in a good way.

I am shooting my "mis-en-scene" this weekend. I was thinking of being the high fart intellectual and leaving it at that and letting you guys figure it out using Wiki, and then I felt sorry and I like to reward loyalty (some of you have been reading this junk for a while), but then a college buddy just messaged me from seven seas away and since he knows me longer, he takes priority. Plus, Agastya's waiting too - the last eigthy or so pages - like a high speed burn on the last leg of a five hour drive. So I am not even proof reading this post.


What's In A Name ? said...

Don't bother proof-reading. Its good.

Puranjoy said...

Who's the W?
What's Agastya?
What shooting?

I have been reading this blog for quite some time now, but all these variables, I am going crazy! We need another clarification post.

ArSENik said...

@WIAN: Thanks.

@Puranjoy: Fikar not my friend. That's what the comments section is for.

The W refers to my long time friend and former roommate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Agastya is the protagonist of a book called The English August and subsequent sequels by Upamanyu Chatterjee, who I identified with a lot on some level. See here for more details.

I am in LA for film school. Thus, shooting.

Sreemanti said...

I was reading this blog to take a reak from lying down as I hv fever. Exhilaratin raw stuff, jus wt arsenik does to u. I dnt think it helped my fever. I m glad it didnt.

ArSENik said...

Lol. Thanks. I do hope you get better soon though.

Mala said...

jaak - tahole jibone jodi kichu na hoy LA-te giye ekta bangali restaurant khulbo bhabchi - of course my customers will be limited (refer to my latest post here ;). I'm glad you're doing what you are doing and enjoying it. looking forward to some of those films.

ArSENik said...

Emni eshe pore restaurant khule dile hobe na. Silhetti accented ingriji practice na korle Bangla Mafia bijnesse dukhite debena.