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Who am I?

Neo-hippie cinephile. Follower of the great Jim Morrison who once said "If the doors of perception are cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is, infinite."

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pining for a Smoker

The space has its emptiness back again
Much like most corners of the heart.
The walls are bare white again
Devoid of your tobacco coated smile.
You can hear the hollow within again
Bouncing off into the light.

The sunlight is no match for you
And the fresh clean air only dampens my spirit.
Those obese white pillows in the sky
Only remind me of you blissfully chugging away
At a habit that is killing one of us
And saving the other a little bit every day.

I know you will be back soon,
That most goodbyes are never really that,
That there will be that familiar disgusting smell
To fill up my space and my world again.
But until then, I must wallow in this insipid cleanliness
With a sound body and a not so sound mind.



What's In A Name ? said...

I like the last stanza. Ode to the room-mate ? Or just wooing ITC ? :D

ArSENik said...

Thanks. I am guessing ITC refers to some sort of woman. If so, yeah, not to the room-mate.

Anonymous said...

Indian Tobacco Company- ITC. No more called that, but referred to only as ITC.

Former name: Imperial Tobacco Company in India Ltd.

Henri said...

Ok this is poison my friend,just like the tobbaco, it kills slowly each time you write, even more breathtakingly than the time before. Bravo! I like "familiar disgusting smell to fill up my space and my world again" :D Ah! You make this day so much more bearable...and in case you did not realise, I am a recovering tobacco addict - recovering because one can never be sure if one will ever relapse, so one has to be vigilant. Quite like being addicted to people and their habits - innit?

ArSENik said...

@Ann: Aah! Thanks!

@Henri: Those are kind words. Glad to brighten up your day with my not so bright poetry, but keeping the theme, I guess that just proves the subjectivity of life, doesn't it?

I wonder which is worse - relapsing into bad habits or people and their bad habits? Any clue?

Amandeep said...

A -

Nice poem. Now we should try to get whoever you're talking about to stop smoking! "Tobacco coated smile" eeek!

But seriously! Nice work!


ArSENik said...

Thanks. Good point. Seems like Mission Impossible though!

Anonymous said...

ki dada kemon achis onek din holo kono khobor nei

ArSENik said...

Bhalo bhalo. Tor ki khobor?

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