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Friday, November 23, 2007


I don't know why but I get the most philosophical when I am working out. *Flexes calf muscles. Maybe my gym should market themselves that way - 'Think while you Stink' and have that muscled ancestor of John Abraham - The Great Thinker be the brand ambassador (the thinking got lost genetically somewhere I guess). Let me stop before I continue any longer on these tangential roads. The reason may have something to do with the fact that the mind is not really used when you are running for your life as if some product of a canine breeding experiment gone sour, is after you.

The television was playing the local news showing people who had nothing better to do on Thanksgiving randomly giving out food to homeless people. Let me stray a bit here and stress how much cooler homeless people in San Francisco are, compared to the rest of the country. I have met men (ever wonder why most homeless people are male? I bet it has something to do with patriarchal society. OK feminists, don't kill me; I love you all) who held up signs so proudly that they could have read 'World's Greatest Dad' or 'Arnie for President' (the Cali Guv, not me), but then this is not a post about paternal love, or politics (don't ask me what this is about - I wont be able to answer). The signs said 'Why lie? I need the money for beer'. I guess they were all hippies during all the Summers of Love.

So anyway, this led to severe introspection. What was I doing for others this Thanksgiving? Well, I could say I was working for my boss, but then my boss isn't homeless, and I was really doing it so that she didn't have to interview new candidates soon for my job. What else? Let's see. I was working out, but that too wasn't to render the stock of my gym bullish. Was I really better than those scores of people who cheat sleep every Thanksgiving to buy themselves expensive little electronic sidekicks that tell them when their coffee is getting cold or find them adult entertainment stores? Maybe I am getting soft with age and maybe one day my heart will become cookie dough like that generous old pink wrinkly woman's heart who left all her money to her dog, well, comparatively speaking at least, but when I saw those hot, kind otherwise homemaking women (this should sway the feminists) hugging those poor homeless souls and lighting up their faces along with their joints, something stirred inside me, or maybe it was just the heart working out on the cardio machines.

Granted they don't have Thanksgiving in India, but what did Satyajit Ray ever do for the homeless of India? Maybe he did a lot financially, and the fact that most of you, and I don't know about it just glorifies anonymous charity. Or maybe his Pather Panchali which ran for 34 weeks in The Big Apple (according to his Speaking of Films {Bishoy Chalachitra}, which I am reading at the moment) did generate enough sympathy in the Rich White Man (aastey leddiss {ack. JAP}, and Woman), henceforth known as RWM/W for the rest of the post, to generate a lot of charity for our nation, which of course pisses the f!@# out of a few overtly nationalist friends of mine. They feel that Ray's only contribution to the world has been to tear apart the shawl covering the nudity of India's poverty. Of course, they haven't watched his Calcutta trilogy - Jana Aranya, Pratidwandi, Seemabadha (my favorite of all his films that I have seen, in that order) or the children's double delight - GGBB and Hirok Rajar Deshe. Or maybe it is the RWM/W that chooses to glorify exclusively these poverty showcasing works of the greatest artisan ever born.

PS: If you have managed to labor through to the end of this post, you will realize that there are too many things going on in parallel in my (not so humble, by this admission at least) mind. I only have the manufacturers to blame for this, for not manufacturing any siblings. PJ alert! Maybe I will perform a Norton/Thevenin analysis to simplify things. If you got that, please go shoot yourself (which should really be very simple if you live in this country with its awesome gun control laws). Thank you.


Erik I. Verriest said...

that was sooooo random!!
my favorite part:
"Maybe I will perform a Norton/Thevenin analysis to simplify things. If you got that, please go shoot yourself"

ArSENik said...

Hahaha...aah yes Verrieeeeeeeest! But you know, I actually really learned it from Brewer for 3041.

ad libber said...

Whoa...talk about stringing in everything which deserves not be written together. Very entertaining.

I did not get the Norton/ Thevenian joke (I assume its a joke). I deserve to live right? I find ignorance perfectly blissful anyway.

ArSENik said...

Lol...thank you. See N and T were these gay Electrical Engineers (possible redundancy?) who worked very hard (on each other) to simplify their secret love affair which was running in parallel to their straight married lives. Wikipedia confirms this here:

ad libber said...

OMG, I have the same idea about two very famous economists, who I think made up an entire theory to find an excuse to spend time together.

I think every subject has a gay pair of its own.

ArSENik said...

Would that be the sleeping partnership theory by any chance? That is one of the few terms I remember from my mandatory high school economics courses.

As far the pairing goes, it only makes sense, doesn't it? Logistically speaking, who better to give you back massages during nights of intense research than your partner. And then not everyone is 'lucky' enough to be paired with someone of the other gender like the Curies.

dreamy said...

damn the feminists!...your post rocked. :D

ad libber said...

no, it is something more prosaic known as the Cobb-Douglas Production curve. What is wrong is I find nothing but sexual allusions in everything related to Economics. I am so gonna get a Ph.D. on it someday.

ArSENik said...

@Dreamy: Thanks. Arrey, you don't know the feminists. They have eyes and ears everywhere, not to mention that extra sixth sense. They are known to kidnap and imprison non-believers in an island inhabited by women soldiers.

Feminists, if you are reading this, please ignore dreamy's comment. She is naive and does not mean any harm.

@Ad Libber: Sorry, but production curve just sounds like that of a pregnant woman. I wonder how these two guys made so much breakthrough in it.